Although the benefits of home care service are many, the most important thing is to receive a personalized home care service within the person's own living space. Home care professionals may visit several hours a week or offer a more intensive home care service available 24 hours a day. The advantages of home care include: 
Familiar Environment 
The most important aspect of getting care in your own home is that you or your loved ones are surrounded by your/their comfort zone, bed, favourite furniture, and neighbours you/they have known for years. A familiar environment is conducive in conditions that affect memory, such as Dementia. 
Personalized Care 
You will have a personalized care plan according to your or your loved ones' needs and considering your daily living habits. This way, you can carry on with your regular life but have the extra support you need when it is necessary. 
Comfort Zone 
A personalized care plan spends almost all your time focused on your health. The advantages of home care are endless. The time to take action is swift; it reduces pain levels and, most importantly, provides the flexibility to heal in your own comfort zone in a familiar environment. 
More Independence 
The decline in independence can be worrisome when considering care options. But one of the most important advantages of home care is maintaining the liberty you have, eating, sleeping, and socializing whenever you want. A home care professional can help you gain more independence in your daily routines. 
Family Support 
One of the key benefits of home care is the chance for your family and friends to be a much larger part of your care plans and provide support. 
Home care services are also helping to protect the physical and mental health of the family and society. Such palliative care is one of the most appropriate methods of increasing the quality of life. 
Essex Care Group keeps a close eye on new developments and methods about home care to offer you the best practice and advice possible. To find out more, visit our website on, email us at or give us a call on 01206 489 542. 
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