It is thought there are currently over 850,000* people in the UK living with dementia. 
Dementia is an umbrella term used to describe a whole range of conditions that cause brain function to decline. 
The most common type of dementia is Alzheimer’s which accounts for around 60%* of UK dementia diagnoses, this is followed by vascular dementia which accounts for around 17%* of diagnoses. 
Alzheimer’s is caused by protein malfunction, this then causes brain cells to die, and in doing so leads to the brain function deteriorating. Whereas vascular dementia is caused by a lack of oxygen reaching the brain cells, due to problems with the blood supply. 
Whilst dementia is often associated with memory loss, there are also other symptoms which include a reduction in an individuals thinking speed, issues with language, confusion around using the right words, feeling disorientated, and problems understanding information. It can effect a persons judgement and their mood, they can find social situations difficult, often preferring to avoid them. They may also find it difficult to regulate their emotions or behaviour, and in time, may become aggressive. 
Caring for those with dementia can be challenging, the individual may often be labelled as difficult, but in reality they are struggling to understand the world they are living in, and need time, understanding, and patience. 
At The Essex Care Group we are well versed with providing care to dementia sufferers, many of our staff have had several years experience of working with individuals with dementia. All of our staff complete dementia awareness training prior to starting work with us, and continue to have regular refresher training on the subject throughout their employment. 
By ensuring all our staff have this training, and the appropriate knowledge to understand the condition, it allows us to provide the best possible support, personalised to the individuals needs. 
(* Figures sourced from 
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