With the cold weather now upon us, and being in the middle of a global pandemic, it is important to keep yourselves warm and healthy to prevent adding any extra strain to the already over stretched NHS services. 
Whilst they are many ways to make your house warmer, they can be costly and time consuming to arrange, so we will look at simple tips that everyone can do without any additional outlay. 
Firstly trying to have your heating set to a stable and comfortable temperature. If you are concerned with the final implications of this there is extra help available such as the winter fuel payment, and cold weather payments, and with some energy suppliers you may also be eligible for a warm home discount if you are on a low income or receive certain pension benefits. Contact your provider to ask for further details. You may also be able to get additional advise from Age UK, and the Citizens Advice Bureau. 
Layer up your clothing, several thinner layers will be more effective than a single thicker layer. Keeping the hands and feet warm will help with the overall body temperature. 
Using blankets or shawls will add extra warmth when sitting for long periods of time. A hot water bottle can also be useful in this instance, but great care should be taken to prevent the risk of scalding yourself. 
Hot water bottles can also be used to heat the bed up in advance, and thicker clothing can be worn to bed if required. 
Closing the doors will help to contain the heat in rooms, and thick curtains at the windows will also help to reduce heat loss, along with closing the curtains at dusk. You may wish to consider the use of draught excluders where safe to do so. 
Try to make sure you drink plenty of warm drinks throughout the day, and at least one hot meal a day. 
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