Mental Health Awareness Week 
This week sees us enter mental health awareness week, which runs from the 10th May through to the 16th May here in in the UK. 
I think it is safe to say the last year has impacted so many peoples mental health. 
From the fear of catching COVID-19, to the grief of those who have lost loved ones to the pandemic. 
Those who have struggled with isolation and social distancing rules. Those on the frontline, and all the essential workers, who have without a doubt been working under extreme stress, to those that have been furloughed and are trying to make ends meet with less money, and those who have lost their income completely and are in financial crisis. 
The families trying to work from home and home school their children simultaneously. 
Everyone has been affected in some way by the situation we have found ourselves in over the last year, and for many the impact has been on their mental health. 
The NHS suggest 5 steps to improve your mental well being as follows: 
1 - Connect with people, this is something that has been challenging over the last year, but with restrictions looking at easing in the coming week, spending time with friends and family could help provide a much needed boost to your mental well being! 
2 - Get involved in physical activity, as well as being good for you physically it can cause chemical changes in the brain to help improve your mood. 
3 - Learn something new, this can help boost your self esteem and your confidence, it may even help you connect with new people. 
4 - Acts of kindness, research suggest that acts of kindness can increase your mental well being. 
5 - Be mindful, rather than mind full. Pay attention to the present moment, mindfulness can help you enjoy life again, and help you change the way you feel. 
Take control of the controllable, and accept the things that you can not change. 
If your are struggling with your mental health there are services out there to help you. For further information and support (including self help techniques) please refer to or contact your GP. 
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