There are many reasons why the elderly choose 24 hour live-in care over traditional care homes which involve relocation and changing routines. Most people don’t like change at the best of times, let alone in their old age. Here at The Essex Care Group, we’re proud to offer the best in live-in care services for the elderly from the comfort of their own home. Here’s why you should choose 24 hour live-in care: 
Home is Where the Heart is 
Being able to stay at home rather than being relocated to a care home is less stressful, more convenient, and provides a greater feeling of independence for the person being cared for. It has also been noted that many elderly people enjoy a better quality of life when living in their own familiar environment. ‘People are usually happiest at home’, as Shakespeare once said. 
A Helping Hand 
One of the main reasons why people opt for live-in care services is that it allows the elderly to maintain their usual lifestyle and routine. But when old age takes away our mobility and energy, a live-in carer can be that much needed helping hand around the house. From hoovering to doing the dishes, laundry to general cleaning, live-in carers are there to ease the load of household chores. 
Personalised Care 
Another important benefit of live-in care services is that carers are able to modify how they care for individuals based on the individual’s own preferences. If the person being cared for or other members of their family have any preferences as to how they would or would not like to be cared for, our team will cater to these specific needs. 
Diet, Nutrition, and Medication Supervision 
Besides chores such as dressing and cleaning, there is also the daily task of keeping up a healthy and nutritious diet. Live-in carers play a pivotal role in ensuring that this basic necessity is met by preparing and cooking meals on the daily. On top of this, there is also the important matter of making sure those that are cared for are taking the right prescribed medication. A live-in carer will keep on top of all of these things. 
Getting Out of the House 
Another important aspect of our lives that old age takes away is driving. This, as we know, limits a lot of the freedoms we enjoy when we can drive. However, with the help of a live-in carer, this need not pose a threat to individual freedoms. A live-in carer can assist the elderly by driving them to wherever they need to go, such as supermarkets, doctors appointments, and family events. 
Part and parcel with the nature of 24 hour live-in care for the elderly is that a strong bond is nurtured between the carer and the individual being cared for. By spending time together and getting to know each other, a special type of friendship and feeling of mutual respect is fostered. 
Peace of Mind for all the Family 
When elderly individuals refuse to be relocated into care homes (for a multitude of reasons), live-in care ensures that they are never without company and assistance. This is a source of comfort for all members of the family, who might worry about accidents happening or sudden health issues arising whilst their loved one is alone in the house. 
There are countless reasons why people choose 24 hour live-in care for the elderly. At the end of the day, live-in care is a matter of preference. When the prospect of relocation to a care facility seems daunting or unfavourable to the elderly, live-in care is the perfect alternative for safeguarding their needs, making their days as comfortable as possible. 
If you or a member of your family would like to explore live-in care as an option, find out more through our website on, or contact us via email at, or give us a call on 01206 489 542. 
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