Pet Services 

Experts say owning pets has many health benefits. For example, you may have a pet as a companion or a source of comfort. Having a dog, cat, rabbit, fish, or bird can help to reduce your stress levels. In addition, they could also help deplete depression and lower blood pressure. 
Looking after a pet increases your physical activity and social interaction. Dogs, and sometimes cats, need to be taken for walks. As a result, you may chat with other people walking dogs on route. 
However, while there are many benefits to owning a pet, there can be some drawbacks.  
As you get older you may find it harder to look after yourself, as well as animals. Even if you have always owned a dog or cat, you may have started to consider giving your pet away to make life easier.  
This is where the Essex Care Group can help. Our carers will not only undertake to look after you or your family member, we will also look after your pet as well. 
Whether you are at home, on holiday, or having a stay in hospital, we can help with feeding or walking your pet for you. If your animal becomes sick, we are willing to take them to the vets on your behalf, if you are unable to do so yourself. 
Good grooming is an important part of pet ownership. When it comes to grooming your animal, we can undertake basic grooming for you. For example brushing fur or washing your animal. When your animal reaches the end of his or her life, our carers will also be there for you. 
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